The World’s Most Valuable Soccer Teams 2019

A stadium packed with fans A stadium packed with fans

Soccer teams are making extraordinary amounts of money these days because they attract incredible numbers to their stadiums and to the televisions when it is game time – especially when its Champions League. Not only do the ticket sales, television rights and other stadium sales create a huge income, sponsors also pay more and more to attach themselves to the clubs and stars of the clubs. 

Soccer teams are also in the top when it comes to value of the club compared to all other sports in the world.

But how much are the clubs worth and who is on top?

The 5 Most Valuable Soccer Teams Of 2019

Rank Club Country Value $ billion
1 Real Madrid Spain 4.24
2 Barcelona Spain 4
3 Manchester United England 3.8
4 Bayern Munich Germany 3
5 Manchester City England 2.69

Source: Forbes

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