Bentley CEO: “I am in a rush to build an electric Bentley”

A red Bentley Continental GT 2018 model A red Bentley Continental GT 2018 model

The CEO of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, states that Bentley is in a rush to build an electric car but he doesn’t think that the technology will live up to Bentley’s demands until at least 2025.

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At the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the CEO of Bentley, highlighted data that showed that Bentley owners or potential buyers currently are 30% more willing to own a EV than for any other super-luxury brand. If the car is a pure EV the desirability would rise by 30%.

Adrian Hallmark stated that as a brand, Bentley should be at the forefront as there is a huge demand from customers for this type of car. The only issue is that Bentley currently doesn’t have the technology necessary to meet its paramount values. 

His arguments were that:

 – Getting the required aero, rolling resistance and other parameters as efficient as possible, still wouldn’t be possible.

 – Getting a battery that would fit into a Bentley and give the range required isn’t possible.

 – The car would currently become too heavy

He believes that Bently will have the capacity to build a car that lives up to the Bentley brand by 2025.

For this to work there is a need for an improved charging infrastructure and the solid prototypes are still two to three years away.

We are looking forward to see the first Bentley EV and hope that they soon find a way to live up to their values.

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