Global Warming Explained

A photo from the sky of Greenland's Ice Loss A photo from the sky of Greenland's Ice Loss

Global warming and climate changes – We all have heard about it, and all talk about it, but do we all know exactly what it is? 

Currently the warming trends of the earth are unparalleled. Analyzes and experts find it very likely that greenhouse gasses human activities are releasing is the biggest reason for the global warming observed over the last fifty years. At the moment, this warming seems to continue over the course of the 21st century and beyond.

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Climate change already plays a huge role in our everyday and has a large impact on natural and human systems. Effects and warmings are only looking to become more severe. In order for us to prevent this before it is too late will take a ton of adaption measures.

First of all mitigation measurers aiming to reduce carbon emissions will help avoid and reduce many impacts of climate change. Furthermore, policy instruments that creates incentives for companies and private persons to invest in technologies and processes that emit less greenhouse gasses. 

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