Why GTA 5 Became So Successful

Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA5's Logo Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA5's Logo

Grand Theft Auto 5 became one of the most successful games in history and even though it is more than 6 years ago that it was released, it is still being played by millions of players. More than 6 years after it’s release date GTA 5 is still a best-seller and has sold more than 110 million copies.  It is furthermore, the most profitable entertainment product ever made. So why did GTA 5 become so successful?

With more than $6 billion in revenue, Grand Theft Auto 5 is by far the “most financially successful entertainment product of all time”. You probably remember the movie Avatar that took over the world. This doesn’t even match half of GTA 5’s revenue. 

We have asked loyal Grand Theft Auto 5 players what they love about the game and here are their comments:

“I think it’s the degree of freedom which the game offers the players. You see, people need a break from reality. Everyone does… You can literally do anything you want in-game and not worry about some SWAT team busting in on you. And medically, this releases endorphins and i guess some dopamine too.”

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“The reason it became a success was of the realism the game was put through and Rockstar Games showed how action and adventure games could be more “logical”, and Grand Theft Auto 5 did exactly that.”

“If you like dense open world sandbox games, this is the new gold standard. Even my absolute favorite open world sandbox game -Saints Row 2- I would have trouble saying this one isn’t objectively “better” just because it provides a lot to do.”

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