The Bentley EXP 100 GT Makes Other Luxury Cars Look Like Trash

The first look of the Bentley EXP 100 GT took place recently and it did not dissapoint. 

Not many days ago Bentley celebrated its 100th birthday. As a way to mark this historic occasion, Bentley Motors, the creator of many luxurious and exotic motor cars showed us their new EXP 100 GT. This car revealed the future look of their luxurious marque. This car is still a concept vehicle but it tells us a lot about the exciting future of Bentley Motors next chapter. 

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The car utilizes an all electric platform. This is also Bentley’s future, like all other car companies’, all-electric cars. The CEO of Bentley Motors also stated that he is “in a rush to build an all-electric car”. 

“The EXP 100 GT is a canvas for what makes the future of luxury,” – Stefan Sielaff, Bentley director of design

The car measures 5.8 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. Furthermore, the design team has taken visual inspiration from previous Bentley car while adding completely new and revolutionizing concepts. The rear haunch is inspired from the 1952 R-Type Continental and the headlights overlapping the grille from the Bentley Blower from the 1930s. The long luxury car does, however maintain a low weight of 1,900kg. This is thanks to a large use of carbon fibers for the exterior structure. 

We are looking forward to see this one roll out in the future. What are you thoughts on the car? Comment below!

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